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Thomson & Ryberg Publications was established in 2014 dedicated to the global dissemination of information. We are publisher of nearly 150 International peer-reviewed research journals. We intend to publish journals necessary for all subjects in near future.

All the journals published by us maintain the highest standards of quality, with strong Editorial Boards composed of renowned professors and scientists from around the world. It is an International repository for published research material of national and international researchers. The aim of the repository is to make important research available to the widest possible audience.

We have built up an exhaustive mailing list covering libraries of various categories, Universities, research institutes, research laboratories, teaching faculties, scientists, research scholars, non-governmental organizations etc. Our staff is well equipped with to assist in-house designing and setting journals, updating mailing lists on continuous basis and maintaining regular mailing schedules.

Salient Features of the Journals

• A rigorous, fast and constructive peer review process

• Excellent editorial standards

• International Indexing

• The editorial board of our journals is worldwide

• Fast publication time

The Aim of Publishing Company

• The aim is to publish peer reviewed research articles, short communications and review articles in rapidly developing fields

• To encourage the Researchers

• To provide a platform for budding scientists, researchers, research scholars, academicians and Industrialists etc. to   present their research findings in any field with least time   loss

Journals Published Under the Thomson & Ryberg Publishing Group, is Following a Common Policy from Editorial Perspective, Which States :

• To promote high quality research and we will not charge authors for submission. After acceptance only we will take the publication fee from the authors.

• Thomson & Ryberg Publications aims to provide the best possible service to authors of original research articles, and the fairest   system of peer review, with a dedicated in-house staff and the help of an Editorial Board of internationally renowned   scientists.

• We do the plagiarism check of every article with different plagiarism check software’s before it is sent in to the blind review.

• As much as possible, we follow the double blind peer review process so as to ensure fair and quality review feedback.

Articles will not generally be rejected without the advice of a practicing scientist in the field. Rather than rejection, we believe in revision. Our first priority will be to covert ordinary content in to quality content by suggesting revisions, thereby, providing an opportunity to authors, to improve their research work.



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